Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native


Album Reviews

"Take a classically trained cellist with an adventurous spirit and strong feelings for his native Kentucky and what do you get? A brilliant new album that will warm the hearts of those who know and love the Bluegrass State — and just might encourage others to come calling."
Associated Press

"Sollee doesn’t allow any pigeonhole to fence him in on this wildly eclectic and ambitious set. There are excursions into Celtic, folk, Americana, Central Mexican music and even modified prog, sometimes combined into a single track on this audacious album. Sollee hunkered down in a cabin with a handful of bluegrass based players who were as boundary expanding as the frontman. Bass, fiddle, banjo, and percussion combine with Sollee’s sympathetic vocals and cello for a mostly live in the studio (or cabin) collection of performances."
- Hal Horowitz (American Songwriter Magazine)

"More than simply an artist that advocates for the preservation of those archetypal styles, Sollee has, in one way or another, singularly maintained that musical heritage, one that encompasses folk, bluegrass, country and other seminal sounds. Here however, the traditional trappings are even more apparent than ever before, and if it’s a history lesson of sorts, it’s also one that’s entertaining and insightful."
-Lee Zimmerman (Paste Magazine)

"What all this translates into on “Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native” is music both familiar and new, performed with sound of deceptive string simplicity. But within these songs sits the kind of keen, progressive instrumental interplay one only hopes Sollee will mine for years to come."

-Walter Tunis (Lexington Herald Leader)